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Enhance Memory and Focus with Rosemary

I live in the chaparral of Temecula California and rosemary is often grown in the landscaping. It tolerates the climate well and smells wonderful. Definitely one of my favorites. I also love to use rosemary in my diffuser alongside peppermint and orange. Love waking up to that refreshing combination. Besides being a scent I adore rosemary is often used to support memory and focus. Herbalists may suggest a tincture and aromatherapists may suggest an inhaler, diffuser blend, or balm. There are a number of studies done with rosemary (1) and anecdotal support for the use of rosemary to support memory, learning, and focus. Rosemary is easy to incorporate and generally safe. Rosemary essential oil

Laughter as Medicine

As an aromatherapist, scientist, tutor, and holistic healthcare student my "job" is to help people feel and work towards their best self. Nature provides many wonderful ways to support health and wellness. Eating well, exercise, positivity, herbs, massage, and essential oils are some of the ways to support a healthy lifestyle naturally. And an inexpensive way to boost health is by enjoying a giggle, chuckle, or hearty belly laugh. We love people who make us laugh. And for good reason -- laughing provides many benefits. Laughter promotes muscle relaxation. When we laugh the muscles not involved in laughing relax. And afterwards the muscles we used to laugh relax. It's a fun two stage relaxat

Fighting Germs Naturally -- Let's Stay Well Together!

Lately everywhere I go there are sick people and talk of sickness. I suppose we can't avoid germs but we can fight them and support our immune health. Supporting overall health and reducing stressors is very helpful. Here a a few practical suggestions for doing just that. 1. Eat real food. Fresh fruits and veggies, eggs, meat, fish, poultry, tofu, wholesome grains, real butter, olive oil, nuts, etc. nourish our bodies and provide the fuel we need. The less refined the better. Food is our fuel and building blocks so make it count. 2. Get enough sleep: Sleep needs vary based on age and life events. Children and teens often need WAY more sleep than they are getting. 10 to 12 hours a night many

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