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Topical Aromatherapy Blend for Physical and Emotional Support -- Bring a Little Bit of the Forest In

Sunday after church I typically set the day aside for rest, writing, and reading. I'm currently working on an article for the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) ejournal on Cupressus sempervirens or cypress hydrosol. Of course writing an article means a lot of research on the botany of cypress as well as the use of the plant, essential oil, and hydrosol. As I learn more about a plant I'm writing about my appreciation grows and I just couldn't help sharing about this essential oil. I've used cypress essential oil in blends to ease coughs but today I was struck by the beauty and timeliness of the energetics of this oil. Cypress essential oil is said to support and offer stabi

A Refreshing Way to Enjoy the Immune Boosting Benefits of Elderberry Flower & Lemon -- A Mocktai

If you've read my blogs or instagram posts before you know I'm a big fan of herbal tea -- both hot and iced. Well during the warm July evenings, I've discovered a lovely new way to enjoy elderflower -- a lemon elderflower mocktail! Elderflower or Sambucus nigra is the precursor to the more familiar fruit -- elderberry. But just like the berry, elderflower is beneficial to immune health. Elderflower is known to have diaphoretic (promotes perspiration and waste removal via the skin), anticatarrhal (reduces mucous), and antispasmodic (eases smooth muscle spasms) actions. (1) Of course herbs need to be employed on a regular basis and specific manner such as tinctures, syrups, infusions/teas, or

How to Create an Aromatherapy Roll On at the Right Dilution

Essential oils are especially excellent at supporting emotional health, easing aches, and supporting immune health. Essential oils can be used topically, diffused, and under the guidance of a clinical aromatherapist or qualified health professional internally. Today on the Be Kekoa Apothecary Facebook page I shared how to create an aromatherapy roll on. I discussed dilutions in an earlier post and making a roll on application is along the same lines. In today's live I featured the Be Tranquil blend but you can use an of Be Kekoa Apothecary's skin safe blends or essential oils or your own personal skin safe favorites. Generally a roller ball is comprised of a glass tube, a plastic or stainles

Ashwaganda (Withania somifera): What is it? How is it used? Science on Ashwaganda and Personal Exper

I'm an avid tea drinker and have enjoyed a morning pot of green tea for decades. Over the past few years I've used tea as a way to incorporate herbs into my routine as well. Since I'm in the habit of drinking tea daily -- brewing a decoction or strong tea infusion flows nicely into my day. I've been using Vitex berry in my tea lately for its support of the reproductive system and its ability to help ease some of the uncomfortable symptoms that can occur as women mature into menopause (read more about that herb here) and recently wanted to add some herbs to support memory and energy so I turned to ashwaganda or Withania somifera. Withania is known to be a very safe herb and can easily be inco

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