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Struggling with Self Care? Take One Step at a Time.

I've run three marathons. Now I understand that running is not everyone's thing, but I see people working hard at things all the time -- athletic, job related, life related, and sometimes life can be like running a marathon -- it's hard keeping on going, it's painful, and you want to give up. In each marathon at mile 20 or so things got really hard. I had to keep asking myself can I take one more step? In one my muscles cramped so bad I was forced to walk. I had come so far but could I make it? Another kind runner offered me some water. "Have you been hydrating enough?" he asked. I finished and was touched with the kindness of this stranger and also struck with the thought have I been doing

Safe Ways to Use Essential Oils in the Bath

I get google article alerts in my inbox and recently saw one about using essential oils in the bath. As a certified aromatherapist I learned about the benefits of essentials and they are excellent additions to a bath IF used properly. As I read this article I was concerned about some of the suggestions, lack of guidance, and just some plain misinformation. While essential oils are generally safe people have had some unpleasant reactions to using essential oils improperly in the bath (see:https://tisserandinstitute.org/safety/adverse-reaction-database/#grouped-by-application/?view_15_search=bath&view_15_page=1 and https://tisserandinstitute.org/safety/adverse-reaction-database/#grouped-by-app

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