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Why Spice is Nice -- Get to Know Clove Essential Oil

This time of year pumpkin spice is all the rage. I see displays and posts and figure this was born out of the amazing benefits that spices do offer us especially during the fall and winter seasons. Spices taste yummy, are warming, and are actually often great at protecting us from germs. But that doesn't mean drinking pumpkin spice lattes is necessarily protective during cold and flu season. However using "spicy" essential oils can be a great way to clear the air of germs. Spices such as clove, cinnamon, and ginger can be pretty intense as most people know. So as you can imagine the essential oils derived from them need to be used with caution. In this blog I'll focus on the germ fighting an

3 Recipes for Back to School Success

As students head back to school they can face many challenges. New routines and sleep schedules, meeting new people, challenging classes, homework, athletics, and being surrounded by more germs! Essential oils can offer emotional, physical, and energetic support and there are a variety of effective recipes that are great for back to school. And of course parents can use these too! In this post you'll learn how to create a focus inhaler, a germ fighting hand cleaner, and a relaxation blend to help with sleep. Focus Pocus: With the start of the school year students may be dragging a bit getting used to the new schedule. Or maybe need a reboot mid-day. Or after a long day of school, perhaps mus

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