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Get to the Root -- The Soothing Properties of Licorice and Marshmallow Root

Several of our products and teas contain licorice and/or marshmallow root. These herbs may most commonly be known in terms of their candy counterparts but originally these sweet roots were used for their soothing and supportive benefits. Read on to learn more about these amazing roots. Glycyrrhiza glabra or licorice root contains glycyrrhizic (or glycyrrhic)acid, phytoestrogens, coumarins, flavonoids, essential oils and polysacarides. Benefits: Licorice root is known for its demulcent (rich in mucilage – viscous, gel like slippery substance from plants), anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is useful for soothing inflamed tissues such as sore throat, bronchial inflammation, or st

Herb Talk 2/21: Elder for Cold and Flu Prevention and Vitex Berry to Ease PMS and Menopause Discomfo

Today we hosted an herb talk at Be Kekoa Apothecary and FaceBook Live (Link: https://www.facebook.com/bekekoa/videos/663266614241079/). I decided to focus on a couple of herbs that address the issues I get the most questions about. Fighting cold and flu and how to ease hot flashes/menopause symptoms. As you know viral threats are in the headlines. Coronavirus and flu are of high concern but we can be proactive about reducing the spread of germs and supporting our immune health. Wash your hands and avoiding touching your face, eyes, nose, mouth, and ear canal. Stay home and rest if you aren't feeling well. And you can also support your body with antivirals and practices that support immune he

Are Essential Oils Effective Against Viruses?

The common cold as well as the flu and other illnesses such as mononucleosis, chicken pox, and shingles are caused by viruses. A virus is a rather strange "organism" that can't survive on its own but needs a host to multiply and replicate. And that's how they wreak havoc -- by hijacking host cells to multiply and causing the symptoms and sicknesses they do. Viruses can be rather weak and cause mild symptoms such as runny nose and slight fever or can be as extreme as the flu or even ebola. Here I want to focus on protection from everyday cold and flu -- if you are suffering from extreme symptoms such as high fever, vomiting, diarrhea, stiffness in the neck, intense headache, etc it is advised

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