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Nourishing the Nervous System: The Science Behind Three of my Favorite Essential Oils, Herbs, and Br

On the Be Kekoa Apothecary Facebook site, I shared three of my favorite essential oils and herbs along with a four-square breathing technique on a live video, that can be used to support overall emotional well being. Diffusing essential oils and/or sipping herbal tea or decocotion is a simple, yet powerful way to support the mind and body. And science supports what many aromatherapist, herbalists, essential oil and herb enthusiasts already know -- plants offer a plethora of benefits and can support both emotional and overall wellness. While there are many oils and herbs to choose from below are a few of my favorites. Three Soothing Essential Oils: While there are many relaxing essential oils

The Endocannabinoid System and How CBD Can Support It.

I've been meaning to write this blog post for some time but finally getting it done. A couple weeks ago a hemp industry expert shared her insight on the endocannabinoid system, hemp history, how CBD supports wellness, and more. Personally I've found topical CBD to be incredibly helpful at easing joint and muscle aches as have many of my clients. Recently I've been taking a LabCannamist course and created a website to further support those seeking to gain benefits offered by CBD and learn more about the endocannabinoid system. At Be Kekoa Apothecary and Aromatherapy by Tricia we've worked hard to ensure we can offer the highest quality product and education for our clients. While I'm not a gr

How and Why to Dilute Essential Oils -- Key Information the Dilution Charts May Miss...

Clients often ask about using blends I've created for them on their skin. The answer depends on several factors. 1. What oils are in the blend. 2. The age and sensitivity of the client. 3. The intention behind using them on the skin. We'll briefly look at these and then I'll give an example recipe for a therapeutic cream. If after reading you still have questions please feel free to contact me. 1. What oils are in the blend: Essential oils are natural, they are for the most part generally regarded as safe (GRAS), and made from plants. However, not all oils are suitable for use on the skin. Sometimes people will suggesting using things like cinnamon or oregano essential oil on the lips to plu

Supporting Digestive Health with Fermented Foods You Can Make at Home

I recently shared a FB live on the Be Kekoa Apothecary site with my friend Frieda Hall about the benefits of fermented foods and kombucha. You can watch the reply and see some of the recipes she shared below. Fermented foods are a natural way of feeding the body probiotics -- or the good bacteria that support our gut health. Good health is said to begin with the gut -- as it is responsible for absorbing the nutrients needed for our bodies to thrive. Frieda found that adding fermented foods to her diet as well as eating real foods allowed her body to thrive. Watch her awesome story below. If you have questions about fermented foods Frieda said you can reach out to her on Facebook or visit K2

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