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A Cheerful Heart Is Good Medicine

I love the wisdom of the bible. In Proverbs 17:22 it states: "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." I love when science, biblical wisdom, and the power of positivity intersect and speak truth. A cheerful heart IS good medicine. Positive thinking, laughter, and a good attitude can help maintain good health and aid in the fight against illness. Research suggests what many people already know. Optimism helps when facing disease or surgery. A positive outlook has a big impact on health and longevity. (1) Optimism is linked to better heart health, blood pressure , and overall health. And positive people are just more pleasant to be around. Looking for essent

Fighting Fall Germs, Colds, and Flu: A Game-Plan.

Fall brings many wonderful things: cooler weather, gorgeous fall foliage, festive holidays, friends and family gatherings, and seasonal treats and treasures. However this time of year can also mean more stress, more germs, and more feeling under the weather. Despite where stress comes from you need to take care of yourself in addition to others. That includes getting enough sleep, eating well, drinking enough water, exercising, and incorporating natural wellness products as needed. Most adults need a good seven to eight hours of sleep per night, teens and kids need even more. While some people think they can tough it out and get by on little sleep there is a reason why all animals sleep. Thi

What's Snew?

What's snew? I don't know what's snew with you? Haha! get it. So what IS new? There is a lot of new stuff going on in my workshop on both a larger and smaller scale and it's all fun and newly exciting. November is always a busy month. People order gift boxes and client gifts on top of regular orders. So what are some of the new awesome things we've developed recently? What's snew? One of my favorite new offerings is body wash. I've created several blends for people with sensitive skin, for people looking to reduce their toxic load, and people looking for a more natural product. It is so fun being able to customize an everyday product for people. I've also created an aftershave spray for me

Balsam Copaiba an Excellent Essential Oil for Aches and Fighting Germs

One of my favorite essential oils to add to salves and creams for aches is Balsam copaiba (Copaifera officinalis). This essential oil is rich in β-Caryophyllene. Research suggests that this aromatic compound is analgesic (pain relieving) (1, 2) , anti-inflammatory (2,3), neuroprotective (1,4), and antispasmodic (5) or relaxing. In addition Balsam copaiba appears to thwart germs(6,7), support the immune and cardiovascular system (8,9). So how to use? In general a low dilution is used for kids, elderly, and for skin care. A 2% dilution is great for massage, everyday use, or when more fragrance is desired. A dilution of 3% and beyond is used for aches and therapeutic issues. What does dilution

Poor Sleep? Give Essential Oils a Try.

Quality sleep is vital for good health but elusive for many. And there are a variety of reasons why we find it tough to get the sleep we need. Stress and worry can make it hard to relax and get to sleep. Changes in hormones, technology overload, pain, lack of unwinding routine, underlying illness, or personal choices are some of the reason it can be tough to get the sleep we need. While there is magic fix or one size fits all solution to sleep essential oils, especially when part of a good sleep routine can be very helpful. There are many essential oils that can soothe, calm, and promote sleep. If pain or stress is the issue preventing sleep again essential oils can help soothe muscles, redu

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