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Aromatic Facial Serum -- Simple is Good

I've been busy formulating the past few days for an upcoming event. Made an incredible arnica-menthol-CBD cream. Slathered some on my painful knee and ahhh cooling relief. I also made a version without menthol, a gorgeous body butter, aromatherpay lotions, roller balls, foaming sugar scrubs, and brown sugar body polish, but I digress. I also needed to make a little something just for me -- a facial moisturizer as I was out but I didn't have a lot of time. And so I decided to whip up a facial serum.

My facial mantra is cleanse, tone, and moisturize. I love making creams and lotions packed with skin loving goodies but for myself I prefer straight oils or salves for nourishing my face at night. I love washing with goat milk soap, spritzing on some hydrosol, then a bit or facial salve or serum. They are oily and shiny so not the best for daytime moisture but at night they have time to sink in and work their magic.

Since I've been so busy I decided to formulate a straight up oil based facial serum. Since I've got "mature" skin I'm looking to incorporate borage seed oil and evening primrose for their barrier repair, moisture, and said anti-aging features. Borage seed oil contains the most GLA of al the oils and helps with skin barrier repair, decreases trans epidermal water loss, plus increases skin hydration and flexibility. Yay! I'll also add in a bit of carrot seed carrier oil for additional moisturizing and nurturing benefits. It is filled with free radical scavengers, anti-oxidants, and carotenoids. Then I'll lighten things up with nourishing marula oil, penetrating and nourishing jojoba oil, and a bit of apricot kernel oil. I'm interested to see how the serum performs against those under eye wrinkles, other fine lines, and dark circles compared to a salve or lotion. Here's the recipe I'm going to try tonight.

20% borage seed oil (40 drops)

20% primrose oil (40 drops)

10% marula oil (20 drops)

20% apricot kernel oil (40 drops)

20% jojoba oil (40 drops)

10% carrot seed oil (20 drops)

Since a little goes a long way I just added the dropwise amounts to a 2 dram dropper bottle. Then I added some essential oils.

Essential oils support vital energy support and are skin soothing. I love carrot seed essential oil for the skin, not so much for the smell but for its nourishing properties. Lavender for its skin soothing and tonic properties. Frankincense for its grounding and skin nourishing properties and helichrysum for its skin repair and nourishing properties. And I won't be adding much essential oil -- literally a drop of each one to the carrier oil recipe above will suffice.

How to use:

As I mentioned I cleanse, tone, then moisturize. With facial serum you can apply a few drops to your fingers and gently smooth under and around the eyes along facial lines. Add a bit more to completely moisturize the facial area and a little will go a long way. This recipe can be easily modified to include your favorite carrier oils and for best results choose organic and unrefined. I'd stick to the mentioned essential oils or choose skin loving oils.

And that's it. A lovely facial serum takes no time at all. No melting or emulsification -- just mix and its ready.

If you have questions about aromatherapy, essential oils, facial serum, or other products contact Tricia.

Happy formulating!


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