Elderberry or Sambucus nigra is a longtime favorite for supporting immune health. Elderberry appears to strengthen the cell membrane against viral penetration and has shown anti viral activity against ten strains of influenza virus and has been shown to shorten flu symptoms by 3 to 4 days.(1) Making a syrup is quite easy. This kit includes 4 oz of organic dried elderberries, one 8oz glass bottle, and an easy to follow recipe and instructions for use. All you'll need is water and honey or pure maple syrup. And if you don't have honey (prefered ingredient) it is possible to use sugar to create a simple syrup and use. You can check out our blog post and to learn a bit more about elderberry.

1. Hoffman, D. Medical Herbalism: Vermont, Healing Arts Press, pp. 580-581

Elderberry Syrup Kit


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