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The Benefits of Burdock for Skin and the Liver

Arctium lappa or burdock can reach up to 10 ft (3M) tall and is cultivated as a root vegetable. It is a beneficial herb for detoxifying and cleansing in both Western and traditional Chinese medicine. The plant thrives and is considered a weed by many. Its prickly seedpod was the inspiration for velcro -- as they seem to stick to whom or whatever passes by. Its leaves are huge and it spreads its seed pod and grows quiet aggressively. Burdock root can be steamed or cooked and eaten as a vegetable. Burdock can be used in place of carrots or added to soups or stews. It's tasty and easy to cook. "Medicine" at its finest. And burdock can be used in teas, decoctions, and tinctures to support the sk

Helping Teens Manage Stress with Aromatherapy and Herbs

As the mom of two teens I know that teens can feel a lot of pressure from school, sports, and activities. We want the best for our kids and there are a plethora of opportunities available to help them excel. Schools offer AP, IB, and other college level classes. Sports involve intense practices, conditioning, and extra lessons in order to be able to compete at the level required for league, section, and state titles. And there are leadership positions to fill, clubs to preside over, and family roles to fill to help in homes with both parents work. Some kids may depend on academic or athletic scholarships in order to be able to attend college, and that means making the grades and/or attractin

Beautiful, Tasty, and Medicinal. Herbal Teas and Decoctions for Health.

In a recent post I mentioned that I employ a creative or perhaps inclusive approach to using plant based products and holistic approaches to support health and wellness. Yes I did call it the "Bruce Lee" approach. :) . As a certified aromatherapist I've studied how to utilize essential oils to support health and wellness but I have a desire to also include other modalities. For a recent client I not only wanted to formulate topical aromatherapy products but also include an herbal blend to further support the body. My client wanted a topical product to address a skin issue. Often skin issues also benefit by addressing the body on an internal or organ level, with good sleep, adequate water int

A "Bruce Lee" Approach to Using Aromatherapy, Herbs, Carriers, Technology, and More to Sup

Lee Jun-fan, better know as Bruce Lee was a Hong Kong and American actor, director, martial artist, martial arts instructor, philosopher, and founder of the martial art Jeet Kun Do. This new martial art emphasized flexibility, speed, efficiency, and practicalness. Lee drew from a variety of martial arts, boxing, fencing, and a variety of training methods in an attempt to create a create a martial art outside of parameters and limitations. As a martial artist and instructor I found this approach fascinating and realized I apply this approach to my aromatherapy and herbal practices. While an aromatherapist can stick to essential oils and hydrosols to support health and wellness with great succ

Ask an Aromatherapist: My Aunt is Allergic to Menthol, Would Mentha arvensis (Corn Mint) be a Good A

Menthol is a monoterpene alcohol (monoterpenol) that is often added to salves, ointments, and other topical applications analgesic, antipruritic (anti itching), cooling, and other beneficial properties. Menthol can be produced synthetically or obtained from corn mint (Mentha arvensis), peppermint (Menta x piperita), and other mint plants. Thus is one is allergic to menthol it follows that they would also be allergic to essential oils derived from plants rich in menthol since the aromatic compound is present in the essential oils. The good news is that there are many other essential oils and herbs offer other analgesic and soothing properties that can be used in the place of menthol. Some of

What's in a Name? Using Stuff You Learned in High School.

I work with high school students and they often ask "why do I need to learn this"? Since I constantly use math, chemistry, science, and English in the classroom and as an aromatherapist and formulator I of course always have an answer. In particular I use math and chemistry a lot. But I also tell them that it's important to learn how to solve problems and how to think critically and abstractly. They must be able to learn new things and learn from mistakes. They will need to discern the overwhelming amount of information that comes at them from life experiences and from all sorts of social platforms and websites. One example of seemingly inane learning is binomial nomenclature or scientific n

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