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The Mint that Likes to Relax -- Bergamot Mint.

Credit for this gorgeous image: Jackie Wichman/USFWS -- accessed 1/30/2018 at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/usfwsmtnprairie/14252130479 Although bergamot mint (Mentha citrada) shares the same genus as peppermint (Mentha x piperita) and corn mint (Mentha arvensis) its chemistry is quite different. We generally think of mint as cooling, refreshing, and menthol rich. Both peppermint and corn mint have a high menthol content (my latest GC/MS reports show 45% and 74% menthol respectively). But bergamot mint looks more like lavender or bergamot on a GC/MS report with a large amount of linalool and linalyl acetate making it great in soothing and calming blends. It has an herby, fresh, light minty

Easy Effective Way to Soothe a Cough, Unstuff Sinuses, or Fight Germs

Whether you need to soothe a cough, unstuff your sinuses, or you've been around germy people and want to clear your airways steam is an easy effective way to help. Dr.s often recommend a steamy shower to help with congestion from cold and flu and WebMD lists "Take a Steamy Shower" as one of eight tips to fight cold and flu naturally. (1) Well it's kind of tough to jump in the shower several times a day especially if you feel crummy but you can benefit from steam by simply boiling water, adding it to a bowl, covering your head with a towel, and breathing in the vapors (just close your eyes and be careful not to burn yourself). You can also purchase steam devises but a good ole bowl of steamin

Essential Oils as Antimicrobials

Check out the infografic below on essential oils as antimicrobials. They can fight viruses, bacteria, and fungus. Need help creating a blend to fight germs, soothe a cough, support your immune system? Need essential oils or help selecting them? I can help. Contact me , peruse my site, or give me a text or call. Tricia

Aromatherapy Chest Rub for Nagging Coughs

The flu has hit hard around here. In it's wake it has been leaving a nagging cough. Coughs can be helpful to clear out excess mucus as the body clears out germs. But dry coughs are annoying and even when productive coughs that last for weeks are downright annoying. In my household we've been quite fortunate that no one has had a bad flu. But my son did suffer a fever for a couple of days that trailed into a cough. Fortunately diffusing anti-viral and mucolytic oils plus steam treatments made short work of the cough but many people around are bothered by lingering coughs. Here are a few aromatic and herbal ideas to try to loosen phlegm and fight germs. As I mentioned in an earlier post there

Ask an Aromatherapist: I'm Allergic to Eucaplytus. What Essential Oils can I use to Fight a Cold

Eucaplytus radiata, dives, and globulous all offer support for colds and coughs. And over the past year I've met several people who mention that they are allergic or sensitive to this often used oil family. Fortunately there are many other options when it comes to opening up airways, loosening mucus, and calming coughs. Eucaplytus radiata and globulus are typically high in 1,8 cineole and also contain a-pinene. The Cineole offers mucolytic (1) and anti-spasmodic (2) actions. The a-pinene is likewise anti-spasmodic (3) which is great for soothing coughs and helping move mucus out. Both components are also anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. In addition to cineole, camphor, camphene, and car

Natural Ways to Support Immune Health during Cold and Flu Season

Colds and flu are rampant right now in CA and across the US. There is no cure for cold or flu -- but one can take measures to support their immune health, which is our body's line of defense against germs. When a virus or bacteria invades our body it's the immune system that responds and works to eliminate the germs before they begin to multiply and cause the symptoms of cold or flu. If a virus or bacteria begins to multiply and evades this initial attempt of elimination, the symptoms of a cold or flu are also a response by our body to fight germs -- fever, mucus, coughing, and fatigue are a sign our body is fighting off the germs and working to clear them out of our body. Supporting our imm

Aromatherapy Case Study: Essential Oil Lotion to Ease Neck Tension and Related Vertigo

Vertigo is a sensation of feeling off balance or dizzy. It is often caused by inner ear problems. (1) This includes canaliths (calcium particle) buildup in the ear drum. An inner ear disorder called Meniere's disease may sometimes result in vertigo. Vestibular neuritis, which is usually related to viral infection that causes inflammation of the nerves of the ear may also lead to dizziness and balance issues. Less often neck or head injury, stroke or tumor, certain medications, and migraine headaches may contribute to vertigo. My client, a woman in her late 30s would experience vertigo that seemed to be related to neck tension. We decided to create an essential oil containing lotion to help s

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