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Five Reasons to Love Rosemary Essential Oil

Let's play a little word association game. If I say the word aromatherapy what comes to mind? Perhaps lavender? Tea Tree? An essential oil company? A spa? Most likely not rosemary essential oil. Or any of the lesser known oils either. Today I want to shine the spotlight on rosemary. It's one of my favorite essentials oils. It smells wonderful and is an incredibly versatile oil that's a great addition to your apothecary. It is available in several different chemotypes so you can really hone in on which rosemary is best for you. Here are my top 5 reasons to love rosemary essential oil. 1. Rosemary is great for focus and fights mental fatigue: I love my cup of coffee and my rosemary to get me g

Thinking of Texas. What can I do to help?

My heart was aching this morning as I read more about the flooding in Texas. I looked over sites about donations and disaster relief sites tears welled up as I saw airbnb owners opening their rentals to the displaced victims at no cost. I saw disaster workers exhausted from their efforts. I can't image the aftermath and cleanup to come. I thought about how grateful I am for my family and home and considered what I could do to help. I've also been thinking of family and friends undergoing challenges and trials. Often I feel so ill equipped to help. But I remember the story of Jesus taking a few fish and loaves of bread and feeding thousands -- he took the little they had and did amazing thing

The Story Behind Thieves Oil -- an Immune Support Essential Oil Blend

Years ago, I was waiting in my chiropractor's office when I first read about thieves oil. It was in an article about supporting kids immune systems when they had an ear ache. I remembering thinking -- thieves oil? Sounds kind of weird. But I had no idea that I would soon be using it to help my own family. Legend has it that during the bubonic plague there was a band of thieves that would go from house to house robbing those afflicted by the disease. They were eventually caught and a judge offered leniency if they would divulge the secret of their being in contact with the ill without getting sick. The thieves were said to use a combination of herbs and spices that kept them safe from illness

Ask an Aromatherapist: Can Essential Oils Help with Headaches? Even Really Bad Ones?

There are many different types of headache and although they are not all the same they have one thing in common -- they cause pain. The three most common types are tension, cluster, and migraine. Headaches can have a variety of causes. Muscular tension, stress, or anxiety can manifest itself as a headache. Headaches can be the result of dehydration, toxicity in the body, cold or flu, poor posture, dental or sinus issues, hunger, food allergies or intolerance, or medications among other things. Getting to the root of the issue can help resolve headache causes. Staying hydrated by drinking adequate amounts of pure, fresh water daily (half your body weight in ounces is a guideline) is a great

Aromatherapy + Massage = Awesome! Aromatic Massage Therapy Coming to Pure Silk in Old Town Temecula

One of my recent clients (Chante) is a gifted and caring licensed massage therapist looking to incorporate the health benefits of aromatherapy into her massage practice. She will open her doors to new clients on September first at Pure Silk Spa in Old Town Temecula (41964 Main St. Suite H Temecula, CA 92590) She specializes in Swedish massage, sport massage, neuromuscular and cupping. She wanted to create a aromatherapy massage oil that enhanced the benefits her therapeutic practice. Chante chose a base carrier oil that felt good to the skin and after considering the benefits of a variety of essential oils in massage chose a combination of 100% pure lavender and juniper berry essential oils

Can Essential Oils Help Balance Hormones?

Menopause is a normal condition of aging. Periods and ovulation cease. It is one of the biggest changes in a woman's life and may include symptoms such as mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, drying of skin and mucous membranes, insomnia, and anxiety. It's often coupled with other major life changes such as children moving away from home and thus it can be quite a stressful time. Proper hydration, nutrition, and exercise as well as avoiding triggers (this can be caffeine, alcohol, excess salt or sugar for some) can help. Aromatherapy can also be helpful in supporting a woman through this challenging time. Four oils that can be very beneficial include clary sage (Salvia sclarea), geranium

Back to School Essential Oil Checklist and Recipes

Going back to school can be full of excitement, nervousness, and new routines. The new school year means more germs, more stress, and a greater need to focus. Essential oils are a natural solution to help kids of all ages navigate the school year successfully. Every year as kids make their way through the school year, parents woefully complain about the latest bug going through their home or repeated trips to the Doctor. Additionally there are concerns about focus, feelings of stress or tension, growing pains, poor sleep, and the like. Fortunately essential oils do offer assistance when it comes to supporting these concerns and you don't necessarily need a ton of different oils. Some of my f

With All the Negative News about NSAIDs Is Aromatherapy a Viable Alternative for Pain Relief?

A few years ago my son and I were sitting in Dr. Nevin's office. My son had injured his ankle and was in a lot of pain. He had fractured a growth plate in his ankle with a similar injury before so we were just being cautious and having it checked. It turned out to be just a sprain and to my surprise I got my first warning about the new findings concerning non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen. In the past the standard protocol included rest and pain meds. The Dr. said use them only if he really needs them. He mentioned new studies showed they've been linked to increased risk of heart disease or stroke. I was kind of stunned to hear this from our Dr. (and glad he staye

Feel Confident Choosing Oils for Wellness with this Free eBook.

I was at a BBQ on Saturday and I met a lovely woman who asked about what I do. When I told her I'm an aromatherapist she mentioned she liked essential oils but was often confused about which oil to use. I've also found that people think aromatherapy is just about making things smell nice. But it's much more powerful than that. Essential oils can be used therapeutically to support health and wellness. Although essential oils are very popular there is a lot of misinformation about how to use them and a real need for essential oil education. That's why I wrote this short book. It will you an introduction to the true power of aromatherapy and provide suggestions for oils to use for five common h

Ask an Aromatherapist: Do Essential Oils go Bad?

If you own a refrigerator and have ever found forgotten leftovers you know that over time things spoil. Cooking or salad oils can go rancid. But what about essential oils? Should they ever smell rancid or bad? Do they spoil in time? Do they have a shelf life or do they last forever? The short answer is no, essential oils don't spoil or go rancid. So if you've ever had an essential oil that smells rancid, chances are it wasn't 100% pure essential oil and likely diluted with carrier oil. However, essential oils can oxidize and oxidized essential oils can cause irritation to skin when diffused. And even though oxidation might not affect the color or smell of an oil it affects the oil's properti

Back to School Quick Tips: How to Soothe a Sore Throat with Essential Oils

When dealing with sore throats and colds, acting quickly can often thwart germs before they even get started. If you feel like your coming down with something and want to stay well essential oils can help. When I feel that tell-tale itch or irritation in my throat I like to use an essential oil salt gargle. Often when I use it at the first sign of a cold I can beat the germs before they take hold and stay well. You can whip this up in a minute. Here's how to make it. 1/2 cup warm water (heat on stove or in microwave -- not too hot, just warm enough to dissolve salt) 1/2 teaspoon of salt (I like sea salt or pink Himalayan salt) 1 drop tea tree essential oil (Melaleuca alternafolia) -- this is

Back to School with Essential Oils: Does Better Sleep = Better Grades?

Hey moms and dads do you ever wish you could take a nap or go to bed early? Is one of the best parts of vacation getting good sleep? My kids were pretty good nappers and were in a good habit of getting to bed early throughout most of their years. I tried to teach them that sleep is important for health, for growing, recovering from training, and for their brains to work well. Now that they are in high school and college they sometimes have to stay up late or feel like they are missing out if they go to bed early. But the truth is, like it or not, sleep is important. If you think about it most animals sleep. And it puts you into an unaware vulnerable position in nature. If it wasn't important

Ask an Aromatherapist: Can I be Allergic to an Essential Oil?

Since plant proteins are removed during the essential oil distillation process one might assume you cannot have an allergic reaction to essential oils. However skin sensitization, irritation, and photosensitivity to topically applied oils has been observed in even the mildest of essential oils. Diluting essential generally reduces the risk of this occurring. However, an allergen can be defined as "any protein or non-protein capable of producing an allergic reaction or specific hypersensitivity".1 Essential oil constitutes may bind to proteins in the skin, the complex may migrate to local lymph nodes and prime the immune system to recognize the oil-protein complex as a threat and result in an

Back to School with Essential Oils: Nine Oils that Support Well Being and Help Ease Tension

School can be stressful for kids and adults for all sorts of reasons. Homework, tests, projects, presentations, making friends, learning challenges, transitions, and changes. Learning how to cope with all this is an important part of navigating your way through life. While there's a lot more to dealing with feelings of stress or tension than adding a drop or two of essential oils, they can offer emotional support and help soothe and calm when the pressure builds. In addition to things exercise, good nutrition, adequate rest, and being able to talk and express feelings of frustration and formulate plans to cope, essential oils can be a valuable resource to hand on hand. There are many oils th

Essential Oil vs Fragrance Oil. What's the Difference?

My daughter is heading off to college soon so we've been getting things for her dorm room. When we walked into a local store touting items to get "campus ready" the first thing that greeted us was a display of essential oils and diffusers. Essential oils have become very popular here in California. But what I've discovered that some of my clients and friends are a bit confused about essential oils versus fragrance oils. And with lots of companies trying to grab their share of the market it's easy to purchase something that is not truly essential oil but a cheaper imitation. Some think essential oils are simply for making things smell nice and don't realize the potent therapeutic benefits of

Back to School with Essential Oils: Oils to Support Focus

Whether at home, public, or private, back to school means lessons, coursework, homework and the need to focus. The transition from summer fun to a more serious day can be tough. Kids get tired mentally and supporting them with essential oils is a natural way to empower them during their studies. In addition to using essential oils, it's wise to consider nutrition, sleep habits, and exercise in the focus equation. Does the child get outside daily and engage in physical activity? Have they been well nourished for the task at hand? Does sugar, artificial colors, or other items in the diet have an impact on the child's focus? Are they well rested from sound and adequate sleep? In this post we'll

More on Essential Oils for Back to School: Knock out Germs with DIY Chest Rub and Roll On Blends

In my last back to school post we covered essential oils that fight germs and a few ways to use them to protect against colds. Essential oils do a great job fighting germs and work best if you use them before a cold sets in and in small amounts often. Topical use of immune supporting oils can help thwart colds and soothe symptoms so you can feel better faster if you do get sick. An easy way to use essential oils topically is by blending them into an unscented lotion or carrier oil. The aromatic compounds in essential oils are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream. According to research, these compounds have anti-microbial, mucolytic, and expectorant effects. The aromatic compounds

Back to School with Essential Oils: Immune Support

Like it or not, school is just around the corner. Here in Temecula, CA registration begins in early August and the kids start classes mid-August. So yep it's just around the corner. There are many ways I like to use essential oils to support my kids during the school year. One way is to support their immune systems and help them fight colds and flu. Being around other teens or kids means being around more germs. Supporting their vital energy and providing ways to fight germs using essential oils can help. I use aromatic and topical applications to help them navigate their way through the school year germs and feel better faster if they do get sick. Clear the air: Diffusing germ-fighting esse

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