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Two Minute DIY Essential Oil Mouth Wash

There are a lot of options for mouth wash on the market. However, I'm not crazy about the synthetic ingredients of many of them. And some natural ones are rather pricey. So I decided to create my own more economical version. Using just a few natural ingredients plus essential oils I have a refreshing mouthwash that is cleansing and I enjoy the taste. Since I don't add a preservative I do have to make this in small batches, use very clean bottles and equipment, and use it within a few weeks. You can customize the mouth wash by switching up the essential oils and you could even add a touch of stevia if you want a bit of sweetness. The oils and baking soda will help fight germs, freshen breath,

Two Minute DIY Essential Oil Shower Gel

A great way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils on a regular basis is to incorporate them into your personal products. One way I love doing this is by making my own shower gel. When I make gel for myself I make a small amount that will only last a few weeks and use an ultra clean container so I don't have to worry about a preservative. (If you are making batches for others or to sell you will need to look into adding a preservative for water based products). This version is super simple, contains only a few ingredients, and literally takes minutes to make. I love how versatile this gel is as well. I can vary the essential oils for my wellness needs and add little boosters to help my skin

Essential Oil Dilution Solutions

Essential oils are very popular these days, but many people feel uncomfortable using them in topical applications. Often they aren't sure how to dilute essential oils without an exact recipe to follow. In this post we'll discuss how and why you should dilute your essential oils so you can feel more confident using them topically. We can't cover every situation but this will give you a basic understanding of a safe way to dilute your oils properly. Many essential oils can be used safely on the skin. When an essential oil is used directly on the skin it is called "neat" application. This might be appropriate for first aid applications for a few oils. For example a drop of lavender can be used

Body Butter and Bath Bombs are Now Available at Pure Silk in Temecula!

Pamper yourself with a signature or European facial or one of many other services offered. Then bring a bit of spa experience to your own home with a Pure Silk signature bath bomb or whipped body butter. The therapeutic bath bombs leave your skin silky smooth and relax your body and senses. Try soothing and uplifting lavender & eucalyptus, exotic mango & ginger grass, sensual tuberose & rosemary, or refreshing peppermint & rosemary. Enjoy the many benefits of essential oils while you soak away tension and stress. Then smooth on Pure Silk signature body butter to deeply moisturize and nourish your skin. Featuring organic shea butter, organic extra virgin coconut oil, and apricot kernel oil an

An Ounce of Prevention: Soothing Cuts & Scrapes and Fighting Germs

If you have active kids you probably encounter your fair share of cuts and scrapes. Maybe it's from falls on bikes or skateboards, scraped toes from swimming, skinned knees or elbows from sports, or the like. Or if you're active yourself hiking, biking, gardening, repairing, and such you most likely get minor cuts and scrapes as well. Using an essential oil containing first aid spray helps fight germs, soothe, and promotes skin healing. These days with the increased prevalence of CA-MRSA it's wise to clean and disinfect cuts at the get-go. Plus essential oils have analgesic and skin support properties. In this blog we'll look at several ways you can blend essential oils to help soothe cuts a

Essential Oils to Support Wound Care

One of the students I tutor is an avid mountain biker. After an unfortunate tumble and case of "road rash" many people offered advice as to how to take care of the scrapes. He just replied "I just shower and let my skin heal naturally". Our skin does have the amazing natural capacity to heal itself. Damage to the skin should initiate a step-wise process of healing. But sometimes infection, age, and other factors cause problems. In some instances pressure sores, friction, or disease can also inhibit healing. When used properly, essential oils can help fight infection and encourage skin to heal despite challenging circumstances. Many people turn to only tea tree (Melaleuca alternafolia) when d

Soothing After Sun Spray

I was recently in Arizona for my son's baseball tournament. It was fun but it was HOT! In between games we enjoyed the pool and despite having sunscreen on my shoulders got burned. Typically, my arms look a bit like a paint strip pale on the top and increasingly darker as you move along towards the fingers because I run in a t-shirt. Those pale shoulders don't see much sun. I didn't have all my oils with me in AZ but I did soothe that burn with some lavender and frankincense. At home I make a soothing after sun spray that helps soothe and heal skin. Next time I head to AZ I'll make sure to bring along a batch just in case. This spray contains aloe, calming lavender, soothing chamomile hydros

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